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Kronos Hack

08 Apr 2022

UPDATE 4/13/2022:

I want to address all the rumors on the floor. Two weeks ago, we had Adam Bellone from corporate in Oak Creek. As we always do when we have anybody who might have any influence and power on the PPG ladder, we voiced our concerns. These concerns we brought up were the progression in general, retention, lack of training for people to achieve higher wages, overtime issues, the wonderful world of Kronos, and the wages in general not being able to compete with the job market in our area. As far as all the chatter about the company offering us the world and us turning it down, that is not correct. I must remind everyone that the contract is only 1 year old. The concerns we brought to the company, especially involving Small Batch Northside, during negotiations have all come true. We addressed the Kronos issue, and with Jeff Mehrhoff at our side, we told them that they must address the pay issue before we can discuss anything else going forward. We spent the week stating our issues with the plan and what absolutely is not working. Once they get our pay figured out, and know our pay will be right going forward, we can talk about what need to be done to fix the situation in the plant that the company has created. As with all the talks like this, we are not at liberty to tell everything, especially if nothing is concrete. I will make a promise to send more updates like this going forward for people who can't make it to the meeting.

In Solidarity,

Matthew Charlier
Local 579

ORIGINAL 4/8/2022:

Due to the Kronos hack we obviously had so many issues and continue to have issues with our paychecks. Since the breach we have filed AVOs, info requests and a grievance. The responses were horrible and we had filed several wage claims with the state. We eventually got reconciled as far as we received all underpayments owed to us according to the company. There were some mistakes that are being looked into. Recently, all the employees PPG claims to have been overpaid have received "The Letter". This letter gave how much was overpaid for each member and how much they were going to take out at a time. This amount was 8 hours pay which is 20% of our 40 hour paycheck. It didn't have a lot of details to show how the overpayment was figured out. Trying to obtain the details was a wild goose chase. The Company has to negotiate those terms and never did. This has been so ridiculous and they haven't showed enough urgency. We have been working with Jeff Mehrhoff and our attorney, Sara Geenen, through this whole process and like everyone else, we were fed up. A letter was drafted by our attorney and signed by Jeff Mehrhoff and turned into corporate PPG. We don't recognize their date of May 5th as the date we are supposed to show PPG how they didn't do proper calculation of overpayment and show what each individual came up with for their amount. I would recommend trying to figure out what your real amounts are and continue to verify your check each week to make sure you are receiving correct pay. We don't believe the May 5th date is relevant because we believe that PPG has to bargain the conditions of repayment of overpayments and provide detailed invoice of how the amount was figured out. Here is a copy of letter and we are awaiting the company's response. When we receive the company's response, we will relay that info to the members. This letter will also be sent through mass text to all the members.


Matthew Charlier
IUPAT Local 579