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Tradeswomen Build Nations conference (TWBN)

05 Mar 2022

For over a decade, NABTU has hosted the annual Tradeswomen Build Nations conference (TWBN), which has since become the largest gathering of tradeswomen in the world.

On Saturday, March 5 at 10am CST, NABTU is hosting the first of two webinars in lieu of the canceled TWBN last fall. This webinar's theme is "Women Empowerment in Union Construction," and will feature opening remarks from NABTU President Sean McGarvey and LeanIn.Org<https://url.emailprotection.link/?bIo4wKp1Pm-5zKGn-a7yNxLorEYcOLwCu7dmL01ePqMOHvBmG2uBGF02UM0HbKXhQdmZOo7CMN16-fZxpoIW7Yg~~> Founder Sheryl Sandberg, followed by three informational panels for attendees to choose from and watch.

Registration for this event is now open - spread the word and visit nabtu.org/twbn-winter-webinar<https://url.emailprotection.link/?b05agoS0c8vH0ugUphBU5V7TGW2MuAxt4ZxVybk3CIHfilCuQTxxOmXFOtEegvL-vNuaS76D1FoIX9-EIE8RiZlFDc3QL5qn2RSpneWVMmMM1iJo14uOzawE_9peaI8D6> to sign up now!