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DC7 Newsletter - September 2021

23 Sep 2021

Update from Andy Buck and Government Affairs

Using the Labor Day holiday as a starting point, you will see some GOP candidates lining up to challenge Governor Evers in 2022. I find it quite ironic that anti-union politicians like Rebecca Kleefisch, who is now a talking head for the anti-union ABC, will use Labor Day to launch her campaign (as she is one of the champions of RTW, prevailing wage repeal and ending project labor agreements). Our members cannot be fooled again by who firmly stands with unions and who is actively against unions. Governor Evers cannot move any legislation himself and the Republicans control both chambers. I have heard grumblings that the Governor has not done anything for unions—this is false. He established the worker misclassification task force, which gave union labor a seat at the table, suspended the Walker week for unemployment during the past year and has promised to veto anti-union legislation that would further harm Wisconsin working families.

We have been working on corrosion language for many years. We have been contacting members of the Armed Services Committee—Congressman Jack Bergman from Michigan's Upper Peninsula is on that committee. Travis Cary and I were able to meet with him back in June to tour the Gladstone facility and explain how apprenticeships work and the training we do. We are asking Congressman Bergman to sponsor this corrosion language to ensure that when we spend our hard-earned taxpayer dollars, we are spending them wisely.


NAVFAC, the US Navy's Naval Facilities department (NAVFAC), did a cost-benefit analysis regarding the use of certified or non-certified contractors on coatings projects for the US Navy. Two contracts were awarded in different locations. The primary difference between the two contractors was in the training and experience of the onsite personnel. San Diego, CA contractor personnel were trained and had experience with many different types of coating systems. The Pensacola non-certified contractor personnel had to receive extensive training on-site on the use of the equipment and coating application. The initial bid for Pensacola was lower, but the final project cost was more than twice as much and took more than twice as long to complete.

Utilizing certified contractors and qualified personnel has proven an overwhelming “cost-benefit" success.

Location San Diego, Ca Pensacola, FL
Contractor Certification YES None
Contract Award $ 320 K $ 320 K
Final Contract Cost $ 320 K $ 600 K
Material $ 30 K $ 30 K
$/Sq Foot $ 17.50 $ 31.50
NFESC Support $ 40 K $ 240 K
Total $ 390 K $ 870 K
Time 2 months 5 months

The numbers do not lie. When we utilize apprenticeship programs, we build a more cost effective, safe and higher quality project.

“The problem with unions today is that there aren't enough of them"
- Martin Johns

Have a safe and healthy fall!

Andy Buck
Director of Government Affairs
Office: (262) 910-9073
Email: andy@iupatdc7.com

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month

The topic of suicide, when it comes up, is often scary for many people to think about. September is National Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month. The goal is to raise awareness and understanding about suicide and suicide prevention.

Learning more about suicide, the ways we might help to prevent it, and what resources are available, can empower us to have crucial conversations about mental health and suicide.

There is help available from DC7. On the back side of your insurance card, you will find a phone number for the Aurora Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The number for help is 1-800-236-3231. If you have other questions, reach out to your business representative or visit http://www.iupatdc7.com/inside-iupat/iupat-helping-hand/.

Milestone Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of the DC7 members who have milestone anniversaries this month.

5 years:

Gregory Carr
Chadwick Maier
Kevin Kaminski
Andrew Pernitzke
Jill Eide

15 years:

Jacob Schaub
George Enriquez
Mike Vollmar
Steven Koeppe
Jeffrey Boinski

20 years:

Brett Moyer
Valenten Leal

25 years:

Spencer Frosch
Raul Gonzalez
Steven Falkowski

30 years:

Todd Donley

35 years:

Johnny Walls

40 years:

Michael Palok
Patrick Rogney
Edward Arntz
Terry Klein

IUPAT DC7 Retiree Club

The IUPAT DC7 Retiree Club meetings begin at 11:30 am on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Lunch is served at Noon.

The next Retiree Club meeting dates are:

October 19, 2021 Halloween Fright
November 16, 2021 Happy Thanksgiving (Roast Turkey Dinner)

Desserts are always welcome!