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Local Union 941 - Madison

Contract Proposal - Vote 5/25/2023

Miscellaneous Terms and Conditions

8) 401 (k) Plan. Parties agree to participate in a 401(k) Plan and Trust under which employees may make voluntary contributions by payroll deduction.

Ride Time & Mileage

1) Driving and Riding Time from the Employer's shop and return outside of regular work shift hours shall be paid to all employees in a company vehicle, at the rate designated in sub-section (6) of this Article.

6) The Riding Time rate shall be $17.00 per hour for journeypersons and $10.00 per hour for a beginning apprentice. The apprentice riding time rate shall increase by $1.50 each year until the end of the apprenticeship. Riding and/or Travel time shall not be considered as hours worked with regard to contributions to the Health & Welfare, and Money Purchase Fund.

Journeyperson Wages

Add Section G.

g. The designated Lead Person shall be paid no less than equal to the highest paid glazier on the jobsite.

Economic Offer 3-year contract:

  • Year 1 - $3.50
  • Year 2 - $3.25
  • Year 3 - $3.25

$10.00 = 5.3% average per year