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Local Union 1204 - SOUTH


Hello 1204 Glaziers, by now you should have all received a postcard in the mail regarding the Contract Vote on Wednesday May 31st at the hall in Big Bend. You can come to the hall and cast your ballot anytime between 6am and 5pm. At 5pm the ballots will be counted, and the tellers will call and let me know the results so I can let everyone know if we are working on June 1st. We only had less than 60% of the membership vote on May 11th, hopefully by doing it this way we can get better participation. If you have any questions about the vote, please reach out to me.

Why are bringing back the same offer to vote on???

When we rejected the proposal at the May 11th meeting, we rejected the contractors’ last and final offer. The contractor group reached out to me the next morning and told me they were not interested in getting back to the negotiating table and they were aware we voted down their last and final offer. I was also told that the proposal was off the table and if they chose to make another offer that it would be substantially less.

On Monday the following week one the contractors reached out to me and let me know that they were willing to put the same offer back on the table only if all the other contractors were on board. With this, I was told the contractors are not interested in signing an extension.

At this time, I asked for postcards to be made for one of the only days we had left to schedule a vote, not knowing what we were voting on and knowing we could cancel the vote if need be. I sent an email to all the contractors asking them if they were willing to put the offer back on the table. After two days I only received one response and that was from Lurie Glass. I then got on the phone and called every one of the contractors and asked if they would do the same. Not every contractor I talked to was comfortable with this offer the first go around and was looking to bring back less to the table. I stated that going backwards would not be a good option and I suggested they re-consider. After numerous attempts we finally got all the contractors on board. This is why we are bringing back this proposal again.

Glaziers you are the BEST at what you do!! The contract committee members, the negotiating committee and I are doing everything we can to get the best contract possible because you work your asses off and you deserve it. I feel this is a good offer, please make it out to vote on May 31st.

Thank You,

Contract - Vote 5/31/2023

Miscellaneous Terms and Conditions

6) 401 (k) Plan. Parties agree to participate in a 401(k) Plan and Trust under which employees may make voluntary contributions by payroll deduction.

Flexibility to Modify Agreement to Expand or Recover Work

1) Notwithstanding the provision of paragraph 2 the terms and provisions of this Agreement may be modified by the Business Manager/ Secretary Treasurer of the District Council (Local Union), at his/her discretion, for the purpose of organizing, holding a job union, maintaining, or entering a particular market segment, and for entering into maintenance agreements. Such modification(s) to the Agreement shall occur only on a project-by-project basis, may occur only during the bid process (not after the work has been awarded), and shall be offered to all bidder’s signatory with the IUPAT.

2) Favored Nations: The Union agrees that if it should enter into an agreement with other contractors or associations which provides for terms or conditions of employment, including wages, which are more favorable than those contained in this Agreement for specific projects, particular segments of the market, for certain geographic areas, or any other reason those same terms and conditions of employment will be made available to the Employer. The District Council must notify the Employer of such agreements. The Employer has the right to request from the Union true copies of any contracts signed by any Employer and the Union shall provide copies within 48 hours of such request. If any questions arise as to the meaning and application of this provision, either party may file with the other a written complaint. Such complaint will be resolved in accordance with the Grievance Procedure provided in this Agreement.

Journeyperson Wages

Three Year Contract

  • Year 1 $3.50
  • Year 2 $3.25
  • Year 3 $3.25

$10.00 = 5.1% average per year