Affiliates & Locals

District Council No. 7 serves locals across the State of Wisconsin and in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

LU 108 - Racine

Painters & Drywall Finishers

Local 108 is our smallest paint local by size and it covers Racine county. Local was chartered on September 16th, 1895. Local 108 holds its monthly meetings the second Thursday of the month at the Racine Labor Temple 1840 Sycamore Ave, Racine, WI at 5:00 pm.

President: Marrone, Angelo
Vice-President: Monroe, Bill
Recording Secretary: Luttrell, Thomas
Financial Secretary: Harju, Alec
Treasurer: Francis, James
Warden: None
Trustee: Christensen, Tad
Trustee: Donaldson, David
Trustee: Farrell, Cullen
DC Delegate: Marrone, Angelo
DC Delegate: Harju, Alec

LU 579 - Milwaukee

Paint Makers

Local 579 is our paint makers union and it covers the PPG paint manufacturing facility in Oak Creek, WI. Local 579 was chartered on January 28th, 1935. Local 579 holds its monthly meetings the first Sunday of the month at 10:00am at the District Council 7 headquarters in Big Bend.

President: Charlier, Matthew
Vice-President: Mankarious, Daniel
Recording Secretary: Brown, Greyson
Financial Secretary: Collova, Jacquelyn
Treasurer: Martell, Andrew
Warden: Davis, Raymond
Trustee: Clark, Archie
Trustee: Olivencia Rivera, Francis
Trustee: Morrison, Will
DC Delegate: Anders, Jessica
DC Delegate: Charlier, Matthew
DC Delegate: Stanislawski, Thomas
DC Delegate: Mankarious, Daniel

LU 770 - Milwaukee

Sign & Display

Local 770 is our sign/display and show floor local covering the entire state of WI and a location in Northern Illinois. . Local 770 was chartered on December 29th, 1921. Local 770 holds its monthly meetings the second Wednesday of each month at 3400 w. loomis Road, Greenfield, WI at 5:30 pm.

President: Schmid, Dean
Vice-President: Nelsen, Daniel
Recording Secretary: Ludwig, Joshua
Financial Secretary: Kuenn, Christian
Treasurer: Kopczynski, Gary
Warden: Kopczynski, Gary
Trustee: Vollmar, Mike
Trustee: Gustin, Dale
Trustee: Zierath, Michael
DC Delegate: Vollmar, Mike
DC Delegate: Ludwig, Joshua
DC Delegate: Wanty, Dean

LU 781 - Milwaukee

Painters & Drywall Finishers

Local 781 is our largest mixed paint/drywall finishing local by membership centered in the Milwaukee area and it covers five counties; Jefferson, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha. Local 781 was chartered on April 1st, 1912. 781 holds its monthly meetings the third Monday of each month at 5:30. The meetings are held at the District Council offices in Big Bend.

President: Reisinger, Steve
Vice-President: Weiman, Dave
Recording Secretary: Adams, Robert
Financial Secretary: Champeau, Timothy
Treasurer: Henkle, Jeff
Warden: Kowalski, Blake
Trustee: Jutrzonka, Heidi
Trustee: Cullen, Timothy
Trustee: Froh, Tyson
DC Delegate: Coyne, Thomas
DC Delegate: Henkel, Jeffrey
DC Delegate: Kowalski, Blake
DC Delegate: Arnold, Jeffrey
DC Delegate: Schreiner, Steven
DC Delegate: Behlke, John
DC Delegate: Sanchez, Rick
DC Delegate: Champeau, Tim

LU 802 - Madison

Painters & Drywall Finishers

Local 802 is the largest mixed paint/drywall finishing local by geographical area in the state of WI covering 39 counties. It is centered in Madison WI but covers most of the large urban areas of the state excluding Milwaukee. Local 802 was chartered on November 1st, 1902. Local 802 holds its monthly meetings the third Thursday of the month at 5:00. The meetings are held at the Madison Labor Temple. 1602 S. Park Street Madison, WI.

President: Anderson, Greg
Vice-President: Wellman, Peter
Recording Secretary: Roling, Brian
Financial Secretary: Wille, Allison
Treasurer: Osbourne, Troy
Warden: Bronstad, Randy
Trustee: Anderson, Derek
Trustee: Johnson, Brad
Trustee: Droster, Dan
DC Delegate: Martin, Daniel
DC Delegate: Harris, Stacy
DC Delegate: Osborne, Troy
DC Delegate: Price, Steve
DC Delegate: Gifford, Adam
DC Delegate: Alford, Sean
DC Delegate: Mehrhoff, Jeffrey
DC Delegate: Doyle, Chris

LU 934 - Kenosha

Painters & Drywall Finishers

Local 934 our mixed drywall and Paint local is centered in Kenosha, WI. Local 934 covers Kenosha and Walworth counties. Local 934 was chartered on March 30th, 1903. Local 934 holds its monthly meetings the second Tuesday of the month at the Kenosha Union Club, 3030 39th Ave, Kenosha , WI at 5:30 pm.

President: Cardinali, Steven
Vice-President: Murray, George
Recording Secretary: Cardinali, Donald
Financial Secretary: Holmes, Terry
Treasurer: Holmes, Terry
Warden: None
Trustee: Johansen, Roger
DC Delegate: Cardinali, Steven
DC Delegate: Petersen, Stephen

LU 941 - Madison


Local 941 is our glazing local centered in Madison, WI. Local 941 covers 9 counties in central and western WI. Local 941 was chartered March 24th, 1938. Local 941 holds its monthly meetings the third Wednesday of each month at the Madison Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park Street. Madison, WI at 5:00 pm.

President: Brendemihl, Tony
Vice-President: Nau, Travis
Recording Secretary: McGuigan, Frank
Financial Secretary: McGuigan, Brian
Treasurer: Jazdzewski, Joe
Warden: None
Trustee: Dunston, Tim
Trustee: McKenna, Bob
Trustee: Behrendt, Josh
DC Delegate: Jazdzewski, Joseph
DC Delegate: Nau, Travis

LU 1204 - Milwaukee


Local 1204 is our largest Glazing local by both size and membership. Local 1204 covers 15 counties and is centered in the Milwaukee area. Local 1204 was chartered on May 5th, 1924. Local 1204 holds its monthly meeting the first Thursday of the month at friends on Forest Home, 5614 W. Forest Home Ave, Milwaukee, WI at 5:00 pm.

President: Hakola, George
Vice-President: Blatter, Jordan
Recording Secretary:
Financial Secretary: Pemberton, Onie
Treasurer: Gutierrez, Alex
Warden: Wilson, Levar
Trustee: Buska, Doug
Trustee: Yurzcak, Jason
Trustee: Pettite, Walter
DC Delegate: Baumgartner, Brian
DC Delegate: Buck, Andrew
DC Delegate: Yurczak, Jason
Business Rep: Brian Baumgartner

LU 1011 - Upper Peninsula

Local 1011 is out paint local in the UP of Michigan. Centered around the Escananba MI area, Local 1011 covers 15 counties. Local 1011 was chartered on May 30th, 1996. Local 1011 holds its monthly meeting the second Monday of each month at the Gladstone, Michigan, Painters Training Center, 707 Clark Drive, Gladstone, Michigan at 5:00 pm(Eastern time).

President: Nummilien, Jason
Vice-President: Sliva, Jr., Walter
Recording Secretary: Olsen, Steve
Financial Secretary: Fritz, Roger
Treasurer: Demars, Mark
Warden: Vacant
Trustee: Bartley, Clint
Trustee: Korhonen, Jack
DC Delegate: Cary, Travis