IUPAT, DC 7 offers education and training programs that make our members the most knowledgeable and accomplished craft workers in North America.

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Partnering with IUPAT DC7 for painting, drywall finishing, glazing and sign or display work is a win-win. Together, we'll both finish strong.

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Our Association supports the concept that workers need to be professionally trained, qualified and safe. Therefore, they should be treated fairly and be provided with a living wage.

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At IUPAT, we will achieve our goals by following the concept of COVERAGE. Our members understand that the ability to provide "coverage" to surfaces provides our income.

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District Council No. 7 serves locals across the State of Wisconsin and in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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September 23rd - DC7 Newsletter - September 2021

Update from Andy Buck and Government Affairs

Using the Labor Day holiday as a starting point, you will see some GOP candidates lining up to challenge Governor Evers in 2022. I find it quite ironic that anti-union politicians like Rebecca Kleefisch, who is now a talking head for the anti-union ABC, will use Labor Day to launch her campaign (as she is one of the champions of RTW, prevailing wage repeal and ending project labor agreements). Our members cannot be fooled again by who firmly stands with unions and who is actively against unions. Governor Evers cannot move any legislation himself and the Republicans control both chambers. I have heard grumblings that the Governor has not done anything for unions—this is false. He established the worker misclassification task...

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